I Talk about Doctor Who

Originally, I was going to do a post about how one of the three Christmas things I had to go to sucked and how I was disappointed that the world did not, in fact, end as promised, but then I saw the new Doctor Who Christmas special, The Snowmen.  Now I’m going to talk about that, and Doctor Who in general.

I should warn you, there WILL be spoilers.  I am not bound by the same rules River is.  Also, this is not a rundown of the whole episode.  You want to know what all happens, go watch it.

This episode is the first one in a long time that blew my mind, but not in the “That was the best episode EVER” kind of way.  The story itself is kind of “meh,” but what got me was the new companion, Clara.  The actress, one Jenna-Louise Coleman, was in the first episode of season seven part one, Asylum of the Daleks, where in she died.  I was surprised that they would choose to use the same actress in a different role, which is what I heard they were going to do.  There was a few references to the other character, but that was about it.  Until the end.

Before we get to the end, I want to talk about the new things.  Jenna-Louise is just SO adorable.  I love how cute she is, and the way she plays Clara is just amazing.  The character is bubbly, charming, witty, I could go on and on.  She seems to be the perfect companion, she sees what is really there (most of us don’t), doesn’t freak out when faced with something impossible, she just accepts it and moves on.  She is very smart, being able to keep up with the brilliant Doctor.  I like her.

The new into was a little weird.  We have had the “flying through the vortex-tunnel thingy” opening for years.  This time it was more like flying through spacey stuff, a nebula here, Matt’s face in the stars there, only returning to the tunnel effect as the episode title comes up.  It did look cool, and I am sure it will grow on me, but damn it, its different.

Now for the big thing, the shocker, the mind-blowing part.  The Doctor gave Clara the key to the TARDIS, asking her to run away with him (what guy wouldn’t?) when she dies.  They bring her back to life just long enough for her to reveal that she is, in fact, the same girl from the other episode.  She remembers, just a bit, from the other encounter, which was WAY in the future from the 1890’s London of this episode.  When she is buried, the Doctor realizes that Clara’s middle and last name were the same as the other girl, Oswin Oswald.  They jump ahead a bit to see the same girl standing by the same grave, but in the present.  On that same headstone, it says “Remember me, for we shall meet again.”  The Doctor runs off to the TARDIS to go find Clara.  Oh, and something about the Great Intelligence Institute.

This opens up so many possibilities for the next season.  Does the Doctor find this same girl, over and over again, only to have her die every time?  Does he find her and actually gets to take her away with him?  How does she keep popping up in different times, but still be the same girl?  I can’t wait to find out how they run with it.

Growing up, I was never exposed to Doctor Who.  Some hipsters my say I am not a true Doctor fan because I haven’t seen many of the old episodes.  Bite me.  I became a fan of the Doctor when the new series began.  I’ve been in love ever since.  I have always been partial to David Tennent as the Doctor.  I loved the way he played it, not to mention that he is an amazing actor.  I do have to say that the show has really come into its own when Steven Moffat took over as head writer.  Amy Pond was, by far, my favorite companion.  The story arcs are fantastic, River Song has stolen my heart (even if she is married.)  The overall production quality seems to have improved as well these last few seasons.

I’ve been a fan of Steven’s since I watched Coupling.  Now THAT was a funny show.  The Man with Too Many Legs makes me bust out laughing every time.

Leave a comment about your favorite Doctor Who episode or moment.  Or, if you like, tell me I’m wrong and Matt Smith is the better Doctor (he DOES have the bow tie, and we know how cool they are.)

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