Murder by Hope

Hope is a fucking troll.

Without hope, there would be no disappointment. Without hope, you wouldn’t be hurt or let down. Sure, hope looks all shiny and sunshine and flowers, but then it leaps from the shadows as you walk by and brutally murders your dreams and happiness in a blood bath of savage carnage, tearing you limb from limb leaving only pain, sadness, and regret. As the pool of blood expands outward, you swear never to trust hope again, but you know, even with the agony of your crushed spirit and spine, that you will trust hope once more.

As your eye rolls out of its socket, all you can see is the warm fuzzies of hope, the only sound getting past your burst ear drums is that tinkle of hope as it promises that next time it will grant your wishes. As your brain oozes out of your nostrils, it screams “Don’t trust her!” The heart, with its last few beats, tells you everything will be fine, next time.

I don’t want a next time. I will remember the pain. I will go on without hope.

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2 Responses to Murder by Hope

  1. Oh how I can relate.

  2. Argus says:

    Ouch …

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