The Doctor is IN?

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

It has been a while since my last post, sorry about that.  There hasn’t been much going on, still depressed, but not too bad.  Still no job, but I haven’t looked either.  Just playing games and watching TV, trying not to kill anyone.

Speaking of TV, I’ve been a bit disappointed in the current season of Doctor Who.  As we know, he has a new companion, Clara, the Impossible Girl.  She is a big mystery to the Doctor, having died twice now in two different times, one past and one future.  He wants to learn more about her, who is this woman?  We also have the Great Intelligence returning from the Doctor’s past, as well as the ever looming question “Doctor Who?”  They have been building up to this point for a while now.  Don’t forget the 50th anniversary episode coming up, got to be all excited about the return of the 10th Doctor, David Tennant. 

So with all this mystery and goings on, why am I not happy with the new season (Season 7 part 2)?  Well, other than the first episode when the Doctor picks up Clara (“Bells of St. John”), they have all been written by someone other than Moffat, and they have all felt like throwaways, just so much filler until we get to the good stuff.  Nothing leading any of the current stories forward, with the exception of a brief mention in “Hide.”  Don’t get me wrong, the stories and writing have all been fine, just not great.  It does appear that they are reaching back and pulling some baddies from the older series, like the Great Intelligence and the Ice Warriors of Mars.  For a while I was afraid it was going to be a “what forgotten bad guy can we revive next” sort of thing.  Nothing wrong with that, and I have picked up on a few of the inside jokes, but its not what I have come to love about Doctor Who.  It just seems that the lead writer have been too busy with the big episodes coming up that he couldn’t be bothered with the others.  

Again, I still like all the episodes, they just don’t feel great.  I’m not in love with them.  Yes, I know, every series has its ups and downs, even past seasons of Doctor Who have had less than stellar shows, but the last few seasons have really raised the bar for me, and when you only get half a season at a time now, I expect a bit more per episode.   Still, I love the show regardless.

I’m looking forward to the next episode “Heart of the TARDIS.”  From what I’ve seen, it should be very interesting indeed.

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