Where was I? Oh yeah…

For those few that actually read this, I’m sorry I’ve been quiet, but it’s a sure sign that I’m in a good mood. I post more often when I’m down.

This has been such a great week. I started off visiting my mom last Wednesday and stayed till Friday. Saturday was a bit of a downer, a game night would really have been nice, but I knew what was coming up. We did head to the in-laws for a cook out, so I guess it wasn’t all bad. We had planned to go to Kansas City on Sunday to go to Worlds of Fun for my daughter’s birthday, but it was closed, I assume due to bad weather. The storm that hit OK so hard also went through Kansas, though they didn’t get hit nearly as hard.

We did head down Monday morning, after I had slept for a whole hour! It’s ok, I slept the whole way down. We got there about half an hour before it opened and stayed till it closed, 10 hours of roller coasters, bad food, and endless walking. I’ve got a blister on each foot and could barely walk on Tuesday. The weather was still iffy, so they park wasn’t too crowded, but there were several schools there doing senior/end of year trips, so the place was crawling with obnoxious teenagers. Once they left, we had the run of the place. The kids rode one ride, the Boomerang, 8 times in a row, didn’t even have to get off.

My personal favorite was the Prowler, an incredibly fast wooden coaster that will beat the crap out of you, it was a very rough ride and I loved it! My daughter did not like it at all, she cried the whole time. She does NOT prefer wooden coasters to steal ones! My son seemed to like the Timber Wolf, one of the most well known wooden coasters in the world, as he kept wanting to go back again and again. We ended the night on the Patriot one last time. This time, we were in the front row, and let me tell you, it made a huge difference! The Patriot is a suspended steal coaster where your feet are left dangling and the car is held from the top. There were about three times you are inverted, (that means upside down šŸ˜‰ ), as well as a cork screw and the usual steep plunges. Seeing the ground rushing up at you, or the sky overhead, is a much better experience than staring at the back on the seat in front of you.

Tuesday was spent recovering, I know I felt hungover all day. My stomach still wasn’t fully recovered even this morning! This was the first time all four of us went as a family, and it was so great to be able to share that experience with the family before the kids are out of the nest.

All in all. This has been a great week and helped get me out of my apathetic mood I’ve been in few the last few weeks. I just hope it lasts. Tell me about your favorite family vacation, or just your favorite memory of family togetherness.

I will probably edit this later with pictures later in the week, so check back later!

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1 Response to Where was I? Oh yeah…

  1. Raeyn says:

    I always run out of things to say when I’m feeling better too. I’m all thumbs a-twiddle!

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