One Long Year Later

This has been an interesting year for me, one of the most chaotic mentally and emotionally.  I’ve tried to basically remake reality in a way I was better able to cope with, but this simply did not work.  As I’ve said before, King Wigglebottom is dead.  That alternate reality did nothing for the chaos that is my mind.  I would be crushed by the harshness of reality even more so for my attempt to ignore it.  So I must say goodbye to the good King.

I’ve also come to the realization that I’ve pretty much said all that I have to say about my illness.  The only real change has been just recently.  I’ve switched to a daytime schedule (well, trying to) and since I’ve quit staying up all night, alone with my thoughts, I have been happier and more productive than I have been in a really long time.  Sure, I still get bad days, and it seems the littlest things can set me off, but they have not lasted as long and I’ve been able to pull out of most of them.  So, I probably will not talk about my illness much anymore, unless there is some big event or change that I just need to get out.

Starting soon, I will be changing the theme of this page to be more along those things I love in life, the little things that bring me happiness and joy.  Mostly, I will be talking about my board games, my reviews of them and a recount of some of my games, the fun or silly things that would happen during a game.  I’ll talk more about the shows I like and the movies I’ve seen, the people I’ve hung out with and the places I’ve gone.  Maybe this new outlook on life and reality will be good for me, I need to see that there is still good in this world, this reality.

So, for those that have followed me thus far: Thank You.  Knowing there are other people out there with my types of problems and those others who are just willing to listen to me has helped me through the toughest of times.  If you continue to follow me even tho I am changing format, then I owe you an even bigger THANK YOU!!!!  If you have any questions about anything nerdy or game related, please feel free to comment.  I will be adding a particular post for just those types of random questions that are not specifically post related.  

Feel free to hold onto your hats and enjoy the ride, or unsubscribe and go elsewhere, the power to choose is yours, I can’t stop you!

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