Who Am I?

Good question…

My name is Mike Meader. I was born in Nebraska in 1976. I grew up, went crazy, started a blog, ect.

Even at my age, I am trying to figure out who I am. Things I know for sure: Son, Brother, Father, Husband, Friend. I am married, have two children and three cats. I live in Lincoln Nebraska, but I really live in a fantasy world in my head. Its a fun place. I’m king here.

How to contact me? Well, you could follow me on twitter, @MikeMeader. Or you could leave a comment here. Or you could email me at zagredonline at gmail. Don’t call me, I hate talking on the phone. 🙂


4 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. DawnSeeker says:

    Hey Mike, I’ve been researching Near Death Experiences on the Web. This site really has some amazing stories of people who’ve gone to the “other side” and back.


    Reading real live people’s stories of how they experienced the love and light of the afterworld has certainly helped me live my life here on ‘ol Planet Earth. It’s a way to increase appreciation and lessen anxiety.

    Also, B vitamins are very important in having energy and feeling better about life. Go online and research herbs/vits that help with mood and energy.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Argus says:

    I’m told that a major factor in depression is serotonin levels in the brain, that genuine depression is not to be confused with despondency.
    If I’m ever ‘down’ myself I get out and do something physical (chopping a pile of logs can be very therapeutic) coupled with well-earned chocolate.
    Good luck~!

  3. swamiyesudas says:

    Hello, Mike! First of all, I do NOT think You are Nuts! You are quite a Fun guy! Wish You all the Best. 🙂

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