The Dust

The Dust.  One thousand miles of desolate wasteland, populated by bandits, scavengers, radiation … and dust.  It doesn’t look like much, but its home.  The war desolated the planet, killing almost every living thing.  Radiation sterilized the ground.  No crops would grow, livestock starved, people starved.  Most of us who didn’t die in the bombings died a much slower death in the years to come.  All that is left now is the Dust and a few of us too stubborn to die.

“Hey, Fragga!  Juliet is packed up, so get your dick in the truck!”  That would be my wife, Anne.  She’s the best Mek Mek I’ve ever met.  She can’t drive for shit, but the things she can do with a wrench…its like magic.  Her close cropped dark hair is almost indistinguishable from the dirt and grime now covering her face.  Even under all that muck, she is still the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

“Alright, I’ll be right there!”  I take one last look around at the dead bodies and smoking wrecks that were once a group of bandits and their gear.  The fight was quick, they were not as armed as we were led to believe.  Then again, to a dirt farmer, even one weapon looks like an arsenal.  We needed to head back to collect our payment, but Wrench, that’s Anne’s Dust name, wanted to see if there were any parts she could salvage from the two Meks we took out.  There wasn’t much.  Hopper, the other Mek driver, tended to get a little crazy in a fight.  Outside of combat, the skinny little guy was pretty timid, but once he straps in…

The other truck had already left for the farm so we needed to get moving fast.  It wasn’t too far, just enough time for Wrench to give me a blowjob while we drove.  Damn good thing there is nothing to hit out here.  When we arrived, Hopper and Robin were loading a can of fuel into the back of their truck with Romeo.  Robin was Hopper’s partner.  Women were very rare in the Dust, so it isn’t unusual to see gay couples.  He was a big dude, tough and strong with dark skin and kind eyes.  He couldn’t drive well either, but was handy with a gun.  A really big gun.



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